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Faire Leurs Devoirs Ensemble

img_0732This might not go over that well with everyone. We’ve worked hard as parents to set up the after school routine of having them empty their backpacks, get their homework done and be ready for the next day but as a French Immersion Mom or Dad that is eager to learn the language themselves, what better opportunity than during homework time with your child.

Reading with your child, taking turns, (questionable accent and all) is a great way to broaden your vocabulary and practice pronunciation. You are also teaching your kids that it’s Ok to take risks and laugh at yourself in life (and language).

You can keep a pad of paper and pen handy to jot down the words you or your child don’t understand and then have fun racing through the dictionary later to find their meaning. Google translate is another fun way to check a word and have it pronounced for you.

But be careful not to correct their mistakes or take offense when they point out yours! Mistakes are an opportunity for their teacher to correct and work with your child.

So make homework time something you can both look forward to by setting aside time everyday, sitting together in a comfortable spot and giving them your full attention. It’s a great way to show them that learning is an important and fun lifelong adventure.