J’adore Duolingo

Caught in a slow grocery check out?  Waiting for gymnastics or hockey to finish?  Duolingo is so easy to do anytime and anywhere.  I just turn off the microphone option and slip an ear bud in and away I go.  Instead of rolling through Facebook or feeling inadequate and lazy on Pinterest, with Duolingo you are learning a language on the go and for free.  Did I mention it’s free?

If you are a person that loves a pat on the back for a job well done or encouragement for your next task then you will love Duolingo as much as I do.  Learning a new language is such a daunting challenge but Duolingo lays it out in categories and subjects as part of a “language tree” and makes it look totally doable.  

You aren’t able to have conversations with the app but it’s amazing the vocabulary that you learn and this is great for building confidence to start those conversations when the opportunity presents itself.

When I began my journey as a French immersion mom two years ago I started with Duolingo and am still practicing and having fun with it today.  Each time I finish a practice session and I hear that celebratory horn blow I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment.


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